Here is how ThreatSTOP can help protect customers & the rest of the internet – from DDoS attacks

  • Prevents malicious reconnaissance
  • Dropping inbound DDoS attacks
  • Stops involuntary participation in attacks on other networks


Every effective attack starts out by mapping out the target’s infrastructure. Where are the webservers, mail servers, DNS servers, and app servers? ThreatSTOP has an extensive set of protections that are designed to block inbound reconnaissance probes from malicious infrastructure. Applied to your network edge, these protections work to keep your resources invisible – and your attackers in the dark.

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Dropping DDoS attacks

DDoS by its very nature is difficult to defend against. Often the “attackers” are nothing more than coopted devices spread throughout the internet. In order to effectively stop inbound traffic from these sources, you’d have to know their IP addresses – a daunting task. Fortunately, ThreatSTOP has protections that cover many of the major DDoS attack types, including NTP, SSDP, SNMP (fill in the rest….). These protections are used by some of the largest telecom carriers in the world to keep their customers up and running.

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Don’t contribute to DDoS

Just like most attacks begin with reconnaissance, real DDoS attacks need resources to carry out the dirty work. Specifically, they would like *your* resources. Typically these resources are recruited through the use of malware to establish large botnets. ThreatSTOP has a very broad protection portfolio to prevent (not just detect) malware and active botnet infections. Use these to protect your network from collateral infections (including ransomware) and to protect the rest of the internet from being collateral damage from your infected machines.

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How it works?

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